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  • Tank Calibration (Vertical, Horizontal, Sphere & Rectangular)
  • Verification/Re-Verification & Stamping of Flow Meter
  • Tank Inspection as per API 653 (Tank Settlement Survey / Tank Health Survey (Roundness, Verticality/Plumbness)
  • Non-Destructive Testing (UTG, MPI, DPT, MFL, LFET, VBT, LRUT, Eddy Current, Corrosion Mapping)
  • Settlement Survey of MSV as per OISD
  • Complete NDT service ( UST of tank (Externally/Internally), pipelines and other)
  • As-built Drawing of Tank
  • Layout Drawing of pipelines, Earth PIT, P & ID (ISOMETRIC/ ORTHOGRAPHIC)
  • Quantity Survey of Product Pipelines
  • Peso Certification
  • Deals with Weigh Bridge and Proving Measure